WE MADE IT to Battle Ground (Just north of Vancouver)!!! Here are some random pictures... I hope you like them.

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I thought I'd help Dad clean up a bit. I started out folding the map. Um... I think I need a little help!

Time to do some unpacking... I told Dad that he'll have to redo everything because Mom won't like what he did.

Shhh... Please don't tell Dad where I'm hiding.


Battle Ground State Park is less than five miles away...

...and it's beautiful!! Molly will be happy because it is dog friendly!

A quick walk from our house puts you at Kait's new school.

The left side - it was SO sunny that the picture didn't work out very well

The right side - again, it was quite sunny (but that's better than SNOW!)

Our new neighbors are very nice and invited us over for Easter dinner

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 We Made It