Welcome to day 4 of our trip - Ogden, Utah to The Dalles, Oregon

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NUCOR Steel? Dad, why are you gritting your teeth? (Dad told me later they he had to deal with NUCOR when he worked at Instron)

Um... where did the road go?

The Snake River. If you look close, you can see "Evel Knievel"

Dad, I think you better stop talking to Mr. Shaffer and Mrs. Hartzell and pay attention to the gas!

Good thing Daddy was a Boy Scout and was prepared with that two gallon gas can in the trunk!

Horses, big deal! Can they fly like me? No... I don't think so!

Snack Time! This will be the last thing I eat from Giant Eagle until I'm back in Pittsburgh.

Oregon is so beautiful!

Help! Dad is getting bored... Now he is playing with the camera to see how moving objects get distored. He is SO weird! I am NOT related to him!

Lunch at DQ! A strawberry shake - YUMMY! And it's pink too, my FAVORITE color!

Um... do we REALLY want to stop here?

Oregon has tons of sign!!!

and more signs...

even more signs...

did I mention the signs? Dad didn't get a picture of the "Game Crossing" signs, but I kept kept looking for some Yahtzee or Scrabbles - but no luck..

Can we PLEASE make a snowman?

Wow! What a view!

Oh man... I left my luge back in Cranberry Township.

For some reason, Dad won't let me wear his sunglasses today.

There's the Columbia River with two helicopters. I wanted to strech my wings and fly with them for a while, but DAD wouldn't let me!

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 We Made It