Lila's Trip

Hi, my name is Lila. I'm a pink Webkinz Pegasus and I belong to Kaitlyn. I hid myself (with a little help from Kaitlyn) in her Daddy's suitcase. After he found me, he recorded parts of "my" trip. I hope you like it!

Pittsburgh, PA to St. Louis, MO

Pumping gas

Before starting our trip, we filed up the gas tank in Cranberry. Thanks to Giant Eagle, the tank of gas was free! Dad seemed quite happy about that!

Leaving Ohio

Wow, we've already driven through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Dad seemed happy to be leaving Ohio, something about football and the color brown. I don't understand.

Entering Illinois

Into Illinois(e) we go!!!

Driving into Indiana

Did you know that flying horses are allowed to drive in Indiana? Yep, it's true!

Watching the road

Ok, no more driving... But I did help watch the road for awhile.

Still watching the road

Man, this is getting boring... what's it going to be like in Kansas?


It's been a long day. I think I'll take a little nap now. Good night...

Rest stop

Dad needed a break. I took some time to play. Boy, this slide sure is high!

Kansas nap

We made it to St Louis. Time to sleep.

St. Louis, MO to Fort Collins, CO

Missouri River

Hey look, it's the Misouri River!

Pa and Laura

Kansas is BORING!!!! But, I think I saw Pa and Laura Ingles over there!

World's largest prairie dog

They have the world's LARGEST PRAIRIE DOG here!!! But, Dad is boring and won't stop to let me see it! :(


Look at all of those windmills!

Weather doom

We finally made it through Kansas. I don't think I like the look of Colorado's weather!

Freezing clouds

It's only 17 degrees outside and everything is frozen. Brrrr

Amazing sunset

The weather finally cleared up. Look at the AMAZING sunset we were treated to!

TV time

Ah, after 12 hours of driving, we are in Fort Collins, CO and we are beat! Time to relax.

Fort Collins, CO to Ogden, UT

Waffle breakfast

YUMMY!!! We're having waffles for breakfast!!


Dad noticed that the front tire had some weird wet lines on it. We went to Pedersen's Toyota in Ft Collins. They said the front brake caliper thingy was leaking. Dad wasn't too happy because that is the one he had replaced last year. Bob (in the picture) and the guys in Parts department were VERY helpful. After six hours, we were back on the road again. Thanks!

More windmills

Even more wind mills

Snow fences

There are snow fences EVERYWHERE. Dad's been quite happy with the weather so far!


The weather has been nice, but the sun was hurting my eyes. Thanks Dad!




I thought Pittsburgh was hilly!

Still climbing

Up and up we go...

And still climbing

It's a good thing that Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Wilcox aren't here. They would be racing Dad up these hills (AND LOSING)!


Dad doesn't like the music on the radio anymore. They have boths kinds of music in Wyoming - "Country" and "Western"!

Mountain Dew

WOW, this stuff is GREAT!!!! I'M AWAKE NOW!!!!!!

Ogden, UT to Dalles, OR


NUCOR Steel? Dad, why are you gritting your teeth? (Dad told me later they he had to deal with NUCOR when he worked at Instron)

Missing road

Um... where did the road go?

Snake River

The Snake River. If you look closely enough, you can see "Evel Knievel"

Low on gas

Dad, I think you better stop talking to Mr. Shaffer and Mrs. Hartzell and pay attention to the gas!

Boy Scout

Good thing Daddy was a Boy Scout and was prepared with that two gallon gas can in the trunk!


Horses, big deal! Can they fly like me? No... I don't think so!

Snack time

Snack Time! This will be the last thing I eat from Giant Eagle until I'm back in Pittsburgh.


Oregon is so beautiful!


Help! Dad is getting bored... Now he is playing with the camera to see how moving objects get distored. He is SO weird! I am NOT related to him!


Lunch at DQ! A strawberry shake - YUMMY! And it's pink too, my FAVORITE color!

Deadman Pass

Um... do we REALLY want to stop here?

Chain-up sign

Oregon has tons of signs!!!

Dust Storm Area sign

And more signs...

Frequent High Winds sign

Even more signs...

Snow Zone sign

Did I mention the signs? Dad didn't get a picture of the "Game Crossing" signs, but I kept kept looking for some Yahtzee or Scrabbles - but no luck...


Can we PLEASE make a snowman?


Wow! What a view!


Oh man... I left my luge back in Cranberry Township

Sunny River

For some reason, Dad won't let me wear his sunglasses today.

Columbia River with helicopters

There's the Columbia River with two helicopters. I wanted to strech my wings and fly with them for a while, but DAD wouldn't let me!

Dalles, OR to Vancouver, WA

The Dalles

Our room in the Dalles. You can see the Columbia River from here!


We made it to Vancouver! It looks like Costco sells lots of juce here in Washington


I think our stuff is having lunch at McDonalds!

Huge room

We spent the night in Battle Ground. Our room is huge!

Taco Bell

Now we can eat! TACO BELL!!!! YEAH!!!

Hot tub

Dad won't let me in the hot tub, sniff, sniff...


But... some nice girls from Vancouver let me go swimming with them! It was GREAT!

Battle Ground, WA (Just north of Vancouver, WA)

Map help

I thought I'd help Dad clean up a bit. I started out folding the map. Um... I think I need a little help!

Mom won't like it

Time to do some unpacking... I told Dad that he'll have to redo everything because Mom won't like what he did.


Shhh... Please don't tell Dad where I'm hiding.



Battle Ground State Park 1

Battle Ground State Park is less than five miles away...

Battle Ground State Park 2

...and it's beautiful!! Molly will be happy because it is dog friendly!

Kait's School 1

A quick walk from our house puts you at Kait's new school.

Kait's School 2

The left side - it was SO sunny that the picture didn't work out very well

Kait's School 3

The right side - again, it was quite sunny (but that's better than SNOW!)


Our new neighbors are very nice and invited us over for Easter dinner