Creating/Updating data in GP

Combined with Word's Mail Merge capibilities, macros are a great way to make mass updates in GP. This method for years with much success, but I have had many frustrations with it:

  1. I can never remember...
  2. When I start the mail merge, I can never remember which type to choose; Letters, Envelopes... Directory

  3. Can't find the source correct data
  4. Sometimes when I "Select Recipients", I have a hard time figuring out how to choose the correct data range from Excel.

  5. Wrong quotes
  6. When editing macro in word, the smart quotes mess up the macro. You want to type a ' but Word gives you ‘ or ’. GP only works with the ' and bombs with the other two.

  7. Locked files
  8. On many occasions, I'll want to edit the data in the Excel file, but I can't because Word is still open and has the Excel file locked.

  9. Header lines vs Repeating Lines
  10. There are some lines in the macro that only need to be at the top of the file (#DEX... or an open window command for example). You have to remember to take them out of the macro so they are not repeated multiple times and then remember to add it back when you are done.

  11. File Save As / Renaming
  12. After you run the mail merge, you have to save the results into a text file with a ".mac" file extension. Again, another simple step, but you have to remember the details.

  13. I can't remember...
  14. This sounds familiar, but I'm not sure... There are many steps in multiple programs. Keeping them straight can be confusing.

If you haven't done much with mail merge and macros, this all may seem a bit odd and you may be saying to yourself, "What's the deal... what is he complaining about?" But if you have used mail merge and macros, hopefully (and unfortunatly) you can releate to what I am saying. Instead of complain about it, I thought "Hey, I'm a Software Engineer... I can fix this and make it simpler!" So, I have create an Excel spreadsheet (Replicator.xlsm) that you will hopefully find helpful and easy to use.

Download Replicator.xlsm Excel file. Version

Download Replicator.pptx Power Point "help" file. Version 2018.10.16

Get Notepad ++ - free text editor

Download custom colors for GP Macros in Notepad++ GP Macro.xml